MPEG Meeting

The 135th MPEG meeting was held online from July 12th until 16th, 2021. Many important topics have been discussed, and progress and improvements have been made in the specific ISO 23092 MPEG-G subject.

The current MPEG-G standard series (ISO/IEC 23092) addresses the representation, compression, and transport of genome sequencing data to support annotation data under development. Across the genomics workflow, currently existing genomics data representation methods do not support privacy and security at the data level.

In contrast, MPEG-G will support application requirements that include those driven by privacy and security regulations. This white paper provides a survey of the regulations of genomic information in different countries, demands of security and privacy, and technological tools for further standard development.

The white paper for MPEG-G and its application of regulation & privacy can be found here.

A summary of the main achievements from the MPEG meeting can be found here.

Picture Source: StockSnap / pixabay