A workshop on applications of genomic information processing was hosted by Tencent in Shenzhen on 13th October 2018, the day after the closing of the 124th MPEG meeting in Macau.

The Workshop has provided an overview of MPEG-G the new ISO standard on the compression and optimized access to genomic information, its impact on the relevant industry, on the various related standardization initiatives, use cases, sequencing technology evolution and perspectives for standardization in other –omics fields.

Specifically the workshop addressed:

  • An overview of the ISO genomic compression standard and its new features and performance
  • The challenges for the generation and management of very large volumes of genome sequencing data
  • The status and future perspectives of sequencing technology and genomic data generation
  • The vision of genomic information storage and processing on the cloud
  • The vision of further standardization objectives in the –omics fields

Final Program

Start End What Who
12:30 13:00 Registration  
13:00 13:10 Welcome & workshop goals Leonardo Chiariglione (MPEG Convener)
13:10 13:40 “An overview of the MPEG-G standard for the compression and processing of genomic sequencing data” Marco Mattavelli (EPFL, Switzerland)
13:40 14:10 “An overview of standardization progress in genomics data” Yong Zhang (ISO/TC 276/ WG2 & WG 5 Convenor)
14:10 14:40 “GSA: Genome Sequence Archive, in China” Yanqing Wang (BIG Data Center, BIG, CAS)
14:40 14:45 Short presentation of demos Alvaro G. Hernandez (UIUC DNA Services, USA)
14:50 15:20 Demo session and Coffee Break
15:20 15:50 “State-of-the-art and future of NGS, a standard perspective”  Ming NI (BGI-Shenzhen and MGI)
15:50 16:20 “Constructing an open ecosystem for bioinformatics and genomic big data” Chen Shifu (Haplox)
16:20 16:50 “Practice and Challenges of 20,000 human WGS data analysis on BGI Online” Kang FANG (BGI-Online, BGI)
16:50 17:20 Panel discussion,  Q&A and concluding remarks All speakers

Demonstrations of genome sequencing data processing prototypes and products

Co-located with the workshop GenomSys showed demos, prototypes and products related to genome sequencing data processing analytics, compression and storage.