MPEG-G Genomic Information Representation

A public seminar on the Prospects on Genome Compression Standardization will be held on the 20th of October 2015 during the 113th MPEG meeting in Geneva. The purpose of this seminar is twofold: to raise the awareness on the need of new approaches to genome compression for the efficient handling of the increasing flood of sequencing data and to collect requirements from stakeholders from the different fields interested in the acquisition and processing of genome data.

The main topics covered by the seminar presentations will be:

  • New approaches, tools and algorithms to compress genome sequence data
  • Objectives and issues of quality scores compression and impact on downstream analysis applications
  • New approaches to quality scores definition and processing
  • Genome compression and genomic medicine applications

All interested parties are invited to join the seminar to learn more about genome data processing challenges and planned MPEG standardization activities in this area, share opinions, and work together towards the definition of standard technologies supporting improved storage, transport and new functionality for the processing of genomic information.

The seminar is open to the public and registration is free of charge.

Other logistic information on the 113th MPEG meeting are available online together with the detailed program of the Seminar.